What’s your role at Wedderlie House?

I am an Events Director here at Wedders. My role is to take couples from the initial enquiry stage through tours, planning, finalising details and suppliers, to their actual wedding weekend where I would then operationally run their weddings and look after their guests. And I have to say, I absolutely love it, happy to be in my element! The thing about Wedderlie House is that it is brand new with our first events booked in 2021 which not only allows me to be a part of something new and put my stamp on it, but also really listen to our couples and their ideas, and shape operations to what is most in demand. Moreover, with the values that Jamie and Connie are shaping this business around, I am given an opportunity to truly care and be a part of creating a product we can be proud of at this magical venue.

What inspires you and makes you proud about your job?

Simply, it is the weddings themselves. They do not have to have crystals, chandeliers and over-sized centerpieces to be truly one of a kind. The wedding day overall is a very special occasion not only because of the commitment made but also because of families merging together. On a wedding day, you can actually feel love in the air. I believe it gives me purpose and satisfaction when my professional contribution creates a most memorable and hassle-free day in someone’s personal life. I am also very much a people’s person and love to have fun while at work. To this day, I have run over two hundred weddings and there was not a single one that did not inspire or teach me something. This is also why a venue like Wedderlie House is a perfect match for me because I can see our couples’ ideas shape into the day of their dreams without too many rules, packages and pre-set scenarios.

What advice would you give to all couples planning their wedding? What is most important?

I always say to my couples, make wedding planning fun or don’t plan at all.It takes a lot of time and resources to put a wedding day together and then it’s gone in a second.I make my brides and grooms aware that as it is a very busy day, they may not even see or get a chance to experience some elements that they have put so much time and effort into. – My main advice would be to not get lost in the details and everyone’s opinions but really nail it down to the vison that the couple has and then communicate it well to the person in charge of operation on the day. For example, if a bride saw a confetti shot photo on Pinterest and loved it, she may presume that it will just happen. But it won’t – the photographer has to be briefed, the guests need to be gathered together, the bride and groom need to avoid ‘ducking’ when confetti is being thrown at them and so on. In my opinion, as long as the message of expectation is loud and clear, there is no reason why the couple should not have everything they dreamed about. I also make sure to allow the new husband and wife a five-minute alone time post ceremony, for them to really soak in the fact that they just got married. I suggest on the actual wedding day the couple does not get pressured by the schedule or various things that need to happen, but rather really try to enjoy themselves. I will deal with any issues that arise during the day, that’s what I am here for.